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Welcome and thank you for visiting American Mechanic Schools – your best source of information on mechanic training programs found across the United States. On this site you will find all the answers to your questions about the various mechanic trades and how you can quickly train to prepare to start a new career. We will also help you find mechanic training programs in your area.

Here at American Mechanic Schools, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, user friendly and no nonsense approach to information. Unlike a lot of other sites out there, we are not here to hard-sell you but to give you some insight on the different mechanic careers and help you find the right training. Our goal is to help you make the right choices and prepare for a career that you can enjoy, be proud of your work and make a good living too.

Why Go To Mechanic Schools?

American Mechanic SchoolsIn the past most mechanics got their start by just tinkering around and watching other more experienced people work. Times have changed. Advancements in technology found in electrical and mechanical parts have made formal training not only recommended but also mandatory in a lot of cases. In today’s world, mechanic schools help those interested meet the technology advancements head-on.

Mechanic schools may also give you an edge on your competition when you are searching for a job. By getting mechanic training, you will better prepare you to work on modern technology but also give you the skills that employers are looking for. Most employers see the benefits of a graduate from one of the mechanic schools as an important hiring factor.

Another important aspect to consider is possibly a higher salary. According to a study by the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO), on average people who have attended some post-secondary education make more money than those with just a high school education. That right there should be enough incentive to consider enrolling in mechanic schools for your education.

Who Can Enroll in Mechanic Schools?

For the most part, almost anyone can enroll in one of the mechanic schools, as long as you meet the school’s requirements. The specific requirements may vary from school to school. Some of the most common requirements such as being at least a certain age (16, 17 or 18) and having either a high school diploma or passing the GED.

  • Some other requirements may include:
  • Passing certain high school classes
  • Meeting the minimum grade on an entrance exam
  • Taking an occupational assessment test
  • Proof of competency in desired program

It is recommended that you contact any of the mechanic schools you are interested in directly to find out what the specific admission requirements are.

What Types of Programs are Available?

The good news is that you will find that most mechanic schools offer a variety of training programs specializing on certain areas. If you like to work on cars, there are programs for you. Same thing goes for other areas of interests.

You may find that some mechanic schools may not offer all of the programs listed above. Please contact the school directly to find out the availability of training programs in your area.

On-Campus Programs vs Online Schools

mechanic schools onlineFor some people, it is nearly impossible to attend one of the on-campus mechanic schools. Luckily, you will find that some training programs offer part of their courses online. This should help to make it a little bit easier to get the right training you need to get started.

Online programs basically cover the same material that is taught in the traditional classroom, but with a twist – you can learn from home or anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection. Online mechanic programs also gives you the benefit to study at any hour of the day. This means you can set up your online classes to fit around your busy schedule.

So if you feel you are too busy to get a formal education at one of the mechanic schools, think again. You may be able to prepare for a new career through distance learning courses at some featured online mechanic schools.

Mechanic Schools Made Easy!

If you already know that you want to enroll in one of the mechanic schools or want to receive more information about the programs, financial aid opportunities or just want to see which schools are in your area, you should enter your zip code in the search box at the top right of this page. From there all you have to do is simply fill-out the form with the required information and get ready to speak to a the representative from one of the mechanical schools. It is really that easy to get started. So what is holding you back from starting a new and exciting career?

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