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2014-15 Guide to Auto Mechanic Schools

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You came to this page looking for more information on auto mechanic schools. You want to find out what you will learn and what it takes to break in to the rewarding and growing field of auto technology. Our team of experts and professionals will help guide you to a better understanding on what you should expect and how you can find automotive technology schools near you!

From the East coast to the West coast and all points in between, you will find some of the best auto mechanic schools in the world. If you can imagine yourself working where and when you like on the hottest cars and trucks around, then you should really consider enrolling in one of the automotive tech programs. With just a bit of training and some hard work, you too can start your new career in the automotive field.

In this guide, you will be able to answer some of the common questions that most people have about auto mechanic schools. Find out what you will learn, how long are the programs and how you can get started. We will also give you some important tips that you can use to find which of the auto mechanic schools is right for you.

Take the time and read more about a career that is waiting for you. If you have any questions or have any suggestions to make this site better, please let us know.

Are Auto Mechanic Schools Important?

The short answer is yes! While it is possible to start working as an auto mechanic without formal training, such opportunities are rare. In today’s job market, post-secondary training is becoming the norm. Without this training you may be at a big disadvantage when it comes to finding a good job.

Auto mechanic schools will help prepare you for the competitive job market. As today’s automobiles become increasingly more techie, you will need to know more than just how to rotate tires or change the air filter. By completing courses at accredited auto mechanic schools, you will be able to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to stay up with the latest automotive technologies that help make cars run smoother.

Starting OutRequirementsPrioritiesTips To Pick A SchoolWhat You Will Learn

Things to Know about Auto Mechanic Training!

  • Start in high school by taking computer, electronics, math, science and shop classes
  • Most auto mechanic jobs now require some post-secondary education
  • You should read up on the auto mechanic jobs
  • Auto mechanic schools typically offer one-year certificate and two-year associate degree programs
  • Associate degrees are becoming more popular as automobiles become more technologically advanced
  • Many automotive schools work closely with dealers and car manufacturers
  • Auto mechanic training programs normally are taught in both the classroom for book learning and in a mechanic shop for hands-on training
  • Industry certifications and specialty certifications can be earned at most automotive technician schools

What Are Some Typical Prerequisites for Enrolling in Auto Mechanic Classes?

Enrollment requirements for auto mechanic schools can vary by program or even state. Some typical requirements that can be found at some schools include:

  • At least 17 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Earn at least the minimum grade on admission exam
  • Completed a certain number of high school classes in math, science and computers
To find out what the specific requirements are for any of the auto mechanic schools you are interested in, it is best to contact the school directly. The admissions office will gladly give you the information necessary.

Picking Your Priorities

Another thing you might want to consider are your priorities when it comes to picking which of the auto mechanic schools is personally right for you.

  • Location: Are you willing to relocate or do you want to go to a school near home?
  • Cost: How much can you afford to pay and does the school offer financial aid or scholarships?
  • Scheduling: Do you plan on working while going to school and if so, does any of the auto mechanic schools offer alternative schedules such as online, night or weekends?
  • Job Placement Services: Do you have a job lined up after you graduate or are you going to need help finding one?

What Are Some Tips on Picking the Best Automotive Technician Schools?

These eight simple tips will help you find which of the reputable auto mechanic schools you can choose from.

  • Accreditation: Find auto mechanic schools that have accreditation from respected organizations such as the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)
  • Class Size: Unlike most things in life, smaller is better when it comes to training
  • Type of Training: You will want to make sure that any of the auto mechanic schools you are interested in has either an on-site garage or someplace that you can get practical training to work on cars and parts
  • Facilities and Equipment: A good sign on reputable any of the auto mechanic schools are is by looking at the upkeep of the school and the amount and type of equipment available to train with
  • Graduation Rate: Make sure you ask or find out what the percentage of students graduate from the training program
  • Certification Success Rate: A really good indicator of a successful automotive training program is how successful the graduates are on certification examinations such as the ASE
  • Instructors: Your instructors should have some real world experience so they can help guide you better
  • Opinions: Even though the old joke says that everyone has one, opinions on auto mechanic schools from local mechanics can help you find which of the schools are legit as compared to others

What Will I learn in Auto Mechanic Schools?

  • Automotive Electricity and Electronics
  • Computers
  • Customer Service
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Automotive Powertrains and Brake Systems
  • Fuel and Fuel Injection Systems
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ignition and Starting System
  • Battery and Charging System
  • Engine Cooling
  • Basic Automotive Repair and Maintenance
  • Power and Performance
  • Safety and Emissions Control
  • Advanced Diagnostic Systems
  • Service Management
  • Communications
  • Basic Math
  • And Much More!

Where Can I Find Auto Mechanic Training Programs?

Chances are you should be able to find auto mechanic programs in your area. Most vocational or trade schools as well as community colleges offer automotive training. You may also find that some auto mechanic schools also have online classes to help fit in your busy schedule.

We can help you find automotive technician schools in your area by a few different ways.

  • Zip Code: You can use the form in the upper right hand corner of this page to enter your zip code in and find schools near you
  • State Listings: We also have created listings of all the schools in your state
  • City: We have individual listings for some of the bigger cities in your state

How Long are Automotive Schools?

automotive technician schoolsDepending on your educational goals, you can finish training at most auto mechanic schools in as little 7 months to earn a certificate of completion. If you want to go further and really amp up your status, there are 24 month associate degree level programs too. Even though you may spend longer in school to get your associate degree, your advanced training can be very beneficial when it comes to looking for a job.

While we can’t tell you which one is better for you, we do recommend earning your associate degree to potentially give you more opportunities in employment and pay.

How Do I Enroll in Automotive Technology Schools?

As long as you have the passion and meet the basic requirements, enrolling in auto mechanic schools is a piece of cake. The following are the quick steps to start your training.

  • Fill out admission application
  • Provide all necessary paperwork such as high school diploma, immunization, etc…
  • Meet with counselor to set up class schedule
  • Pay your tuition
That is it! Simple process even though there may be some wait time between the steps. You can get started quickly by filling out our form found on the right side of this page and talking to school representatives.

Your Future is Waiting!

Turn your passion in to a rewarding and growing career field of automotive technology. Enroll in auto mechanic schools to get your new career off the starting line and be ready to work in one of the fastest growing and dynamic careers you could ever imagine! It all starts at auto mechanic schools.

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