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Auto Mechanic Schools in Colorado

auto mechanic schools in coloradoIf you've been interested in a position in automotive service and repair, the auto mechanic schools in Colorado can offer you the right education to get your start in this growing field. It's about time to receive the training courses you will need to reach your lifelong dreams doing work in this vibrant industry. Just think about in as few as half a year you'll end up ready to enter the workforce having the appropriate skillsets, knowledge and educational credentials essential to succeed.

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Entrance Standards for Automotive Service Mechanic Training in Colorado

Traditionally there may be just a couple benchmarks you have got to complete for enrollment. Just about every auto mechanic school sometimes have their specific collection of requirements. We suggest that you simply email the school personally to find out what these enrollment standards may be.

A number of standard benchmarks you'll run in to include:

  • A minimum of seventeen years of age or older at the time of starting classes
  • Have got a high school completion certification or possibly have qualified in the GED
  • Taking and successfully passing an enrollment exam
  • Have some high school background in technology and science, math and computer systems

A summary of the Auto Technician Programs in Colorado

Beneath you will find a number of the U.S. Department of Education authorized auto technician training centers in Colorado. We've provided the information of the auto mechanic schools therefore you could speak with all of these training centers personally.

Outlook and Salary for Colorado Car Mechanics

At the moment the projected view for new auto mechanic positions in Colorado is quite solid. The auto mechanic market is expected to increase by as much as 20% before at least 2022. This could change far more as the economic situation continues to improve.

The auto mechanic pay figures are even better information. Fortunately for you is the median salary for the people working in the Colorado car mechanic field is $39,400 per year or well over $18.50 per hour. The very best 10% of auto service technicians earn well over $65,000 a year. Not very shabby, huh?

It's about time as auto service technician training centers in Colorado are signing up candidates right into their program. This is an incredible time to be taught a trade which will last a life-time. Join right now!

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